The Salmon Festival Returns

What a fantastic day!  It worked because of YOUR support.  Read on to learn about how the community came together to bring this festival back. 

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We would like to acknowledge the following individuals and groups for their generous donation to the 2014 Salmon Festival:

  • Paul Ennis
  • Clare Ennis
  • Aquatic Resources Conservation Group
  • Moritz Loch, Loch Dental Laboratory
  • Natavar Knudson
  • Dented Buoy Pizza
  • Larry Lawson
  • Robert & Hilary Metzger
  • Mike Ewing & Penney Hubbard
  • Al & Megan Bergstein
  • Reed Aubin
  • Barbara Arnn & Nick Hill
  • Sylvia Platt
  • Keith Lazelle Nature Photography
  • George Rezendes
  • Norm & Maxine Christie
  • Jude Rubin & Peter Bahls
  • Robert Colon
  • Chris Cooper
  • Sharol Crandall
  • Malcolm Dorn
  • Ellen Dustman
  • Nan Evans & Fred Nussbaum
  • Katie Fleming
  • Dick & Nancy Schneider
  • Ned & BJ Luce
  • Dean Morgan & Adele Govert
  • Robert & Janette Force
  • Marilyn Henley
  • Bill Irwin
  • Candace & Dean Johnson
  • Helmer Johnson
  • Helen & Kees Kolff
  • Mary Missig & Jim Daubenberger
  • Rich & Geralynn Rackowski
  • Maggie & Steve Smith
  • Emmylou Stein & Phil Andrus
  • Pat Whelan
  • Richard Wojt
  • William Mawhinney
  • Nora Petrich & Jim Maupin
  • Lois & Gordon James
  • Thomas and Daniella Kaiser
  • Anonymous donation in memory of Julie Marston
  • TJ Plastow

Businesses and other community members pitched in with in-kind support!

  • Port Townsend Leader
  • Elevated Ice Cream
  • KPTZ
  • Karyn Williams, Red Dog Farm
  • Carl’s Building Supply
  • QFC
  • Finnriver Farm

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Thanks to the vendors who took the risk of coming out with their food ready!

  • OrganoGold Coffee
  • Dented Buoy Pizza
  • Cape Cleare Salmon Cart/InSeason Catering
  • the Boiler Room
  • Java Gypsy

Many thanks to our community partners!

  • Port Townsend Marine Science Center.  Fish Printing!
  • Jefferson County Conservation District
  • Return of the River
  • Jefferson Land Trust
  • Washington Sea Grant
  • Chimacum School District/Pi Program

Many thanks to our volunteer steering committee who have made this Festival possible! Elisabet Skyhawk, Don Landstra, Oma Landstra, Mark Ennis, Nicola Pieper, Rian Plastow, Thaddeus Jurczynski, Wilma Hackman, and Dale Koenig, and Chimacum Pi teachers Marci Van Cleve, and Kit Pennell.  Your dedication is amazing!

Other star volunteers who pitched in with lots of hard work: Forest Shomer, Peggy Manspeaker, Russ Henry, Ed Louchard, Emily Larson, Justin Lake, Peggy Albers, Michael Aubin, and many more!


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