Planting the Dungeness on a Sunny Sunday Afternoon

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This past Sunday, a small group of Salmon Coalition volunteers – including two dedicated youngsters – planted a variety of potted stock from our native plant nursery at an active restoration site owned by the Jamestown S’Klallam Tribe. The site, which has already received one major installment of plantings earlier in the season, is located along the Dungeness River. Only two years ago, the area contained just a side channel of the mighty river which flowed through residential backyards and was small enough to be jumped across. However after a single storm event, the river diverted the majority of its flow to this area and began actively eating up the streambank creating hazards for homes. After relocating the streamside inhabitants and removing houses and infrastructure, the Jamestown Tribe is working on restoring this area back to its historic state of floodplain zone in an attempt to provide the river an area in which to meander and diffuse its energy.

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