The Snow Creek Smolt are Out!

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Update by Cheri Scalf, WFWF 

Dear Snow Creek friends,

We saw the last of the Snow Creek coho, steelhead and cutthroat smolt heading out to sea on June 15th.  It was a highly unusual season due to the unseasonal high water flows interspersed throughout the beginning(3/28), middle and end of the outmigration.  Several times we had to interrupt the trapping operation and pull out the smolt screens because there was just too much water.  One of these episodes lasted a whole week (May 1 – 8) during a period when we expect to count several thousand fish.  So keep in mind that the following numbers are not absolute totals.

 Coho – 8,455 
Steelhead – 225
Cutthroat – 56

 For the coho, the egg to smolt survival rate is 0.6% (based on 566 females upstream of the  trap in 2010 and assuming 2,500 eggs/female).  According to the general estimates I outlined in an earlier email the egg to smolt survival rate to expect is 0.15 – 1.89% so we are okay….but of course I had hoped for the 26,000+ at the uppermost of the range.

 In 2013 hopefully over 5% of these smolt will be returning as adults.

 Altogether the team volunteered 227 hours for the cause this season.  Those of you who have helped in the past or present or both know how much we need you.  THANK YOU for keeping on coming back!

 Fred & Michele Bailey

Alan Brown

Bob Wallace & Kristin Wolfram

Al Scalf

Sandy & Tony Cortez

Tina Vogel

Laurel, Eliza, Chloe & Glen Dawson

Ron & Ann Deisher

Mike Hovis

Chrissy McLean

Happy summer and I plan to be in touch again in August when the summer chum salmon return!



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