FIN in the Rhody Parade

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Linda Lou in FIN

Thank you to everyone who marched with us or cheered for us at the Rhody Festival Grand Parade on Saturday May 21st. We had a great time and FIN especially was thrilled with all the attention.

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  1. ja wallin says:

    Walking in the Parade giving out N.O.S.C. stickers was a blast! And I thought walking in extra tuffs would be difficult! Thank-you for including me and that man who shoveled up Fin’s fish poop and tossed it into the crowd. He was a hit! As was the queen and her florescent raingeer cladded staff.
    Thank-you N.O.S.C. for all you do. You work hard, get ALOT of important hard work done, and have fun too! Many kudos to you!!!

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