Coho Take Chimacum Creek By Storm, Volunteers Help

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The Coho are back and making their way through the end of their life cycle!  With direction from Washington Fish and Wildlife (WDFW), NOSC has once again sent out our Coho Surveyor volunteers.  This year showed us just how much salmon have stolen the hearts Jefferson County with nearly forty volunteers joining us!  These volunteers had to go through a two hour training learning the intricacies of the surveying process, as well as the delicate nature of these streams, and what our impact does to the populations.

Volunteer groups are then sent out on seven different stretches of Chimacum Creek and are asked to survey once per week.  The survey process includes counting live and dead fish, counting and marking redds (which are nesting gravel plots), and collecting DNA from dead fish.

If you are interested in being part of next year’s survey, make sure to check back with us during the summer months, when we survey Summer Chum, or at the end of October, when we will be calling on volunteers for Coho surveys.  In the meantime, please e-mail Kendra Krantz at for more information on volunteer opportunities.  

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