Conifer Forest Takes Root Once Again at Snow Creek

Posted on by NOSC
Photo by JLT

Volunteers from NOSC and Jefferson Land Trust braved snow, mud, rain, and cold, joining forces once again to plant trees at the beautiful Snow Creek Uncas Preserve on Saturday, February 22nd.

JLT’s new Snow Creek Uncas Preserve (click for map) is dominated by old Bigleaf maples above a thick carpet of moss. One Sitka spruce remains as a testament to the conifer forest that used to be. By reintroducing native conifers to this preserve to help shade the gravel bars and cool the creek we support the continued productivity of this prime salmon habitat.

Thanks to Jefferson Land Trust, Discovery Bay Store, and legions of fabulous volunteers who helped get over 700 trees in the ground, and to NOSC’s WCC crew who have been facing tough conditions to prepare the site and plant other parts of this preserve.

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