Do you live near a stream? Let us help you! Riparian landowner workshops and assistance programs

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Do you or someone you know own property along a stream or creek?  Private landowners makes a huge difference in restoring salmon habitat and there are programs out there to assist you in improving stream functioning and riparian habitat.  

Unsure if your segment of stream needs improvement?  We can visit your site and see if there are steps for improvement you’d be interested in.  Invasive removal, shoreline plantings, culvert replacements and woody debris installations are some ways you can help cool the water temperature and increase critical salmon habitat such as spawning gravel and pool formation.  Small steps can make a huge difference.

We will be hosting Riparian (riverbank) landowner workshop this summer to help landowners asses the health of their segment and provide them with options, resources and support.  

Please contact Jac at or call (360)379-8051 to learn more and get a project started.  

One more thing, make sure to spread this news with your neighbors!  

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