Nectarine Salmon Fillet Recipe

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Volunteer Spotlight for June 2015, Michael Aubin, shares one of his favorite salmon recipes – Nectarine Salmon Fillet.

Cut salmon fillet into individual portion sizes with the skin on
Salt and pepper the salmon
Melt butter (or oil) in a skillet
Sear fish, flesh side down for 5 minutes and remove from the pan
Add to the pan chopped nectarines
Sauté the nectarines in the left over fish juices and butter until the nectarines start to soften
Add ½ cup of white wine
Turn down the heat
Put pre-seared fillets on top of the simmering fruit, flesh side down, and cover pan
Cook until fish is cooked to desire
Strain fruit and serve on the side
Pour left over juices from pan over fish fillet 

Try apples and cider instead of nectarines and wine
Try leeks instead of nectarine
Try pear and pear cider instead of nectarines and wine


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