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On Saturday, May 17, our beloved Fin sported her finest rhody regalia for the long swim down Lawrence Street in the Port Townsend Rhododendron Parade, spreading NOSC’s salmon message.

Thank you to all who made such a proud showing possible.

DSCN0954Accompanied by three 9-foot salmon puppets created by local puppeteer Thaddeus Jurcyznski, flanked by the shovel-toting WCC crew, and preceded by NOSC staff and volunteers in all manner of fishy getup, Fin was once again a crowd favorite. “Go Fish! Go Fish!” was the vociferous refrain of the sidewalk observers as the mighty fish rolled by.


NOSC intern Larry Montague was in fine style piloting our Chevy suburban, Moby Dick, which pulled the fish trailer.

The WCC crew headed up the decoration team, using repurposed blue tree tubes to craft waves, and rigging bamboo armatures to hold up other fish sculptures. A dedicated cadre of volunteers came out Thursday and Friday before the festival to help bring the crew’s vision to reality, bearing cookies, pocketknives, and smiles.



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