Streamkeepers Volunteers Needed to assist North Olympic Peninsula Lead Entity for Salmon on Survey of Clallam County Road Culverts

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Streamkeepers Volunteers Needed to assist North Olympic Peninsula Lead Entity for Salmon on Survey of Clallam County Road Culverts

Streamkeepers culvert inventory assistance needed

Project Description:This project involves conducting an inventory of all county road culverts in Watershed Resource Inventory Areas (WRIA) 17 West, 18 &
19 to identify where possible fish-blocking, undersized or failing culverts are located which impact salmon passage. This
programmatic action will help advance salmon recovery by prioritizing needed culvert improvement projects. This inventory and
prioritization is needed to gain funding to fix the barriers most impacting salmon.
This project is an extremely large and time-consuming undertaking which requires significant technical expertise for a 2 person crew,
of which Streamkeepers Volunteers assistance is needed.
All of the data collected in the field will be entered into a GIS layer by sub-basin per each WRIA so the information can be reviewed and
analyzed. The data will also be entered into a WDFW spreadsheet for making calculations for ranking & analysis.

Volunteer Requirements:
Ability to work along county roadways at stream, creek or driveway crossings where pipes & culverts are located.
Ability to read maps and experience working with maps from paper or GPS unit.
Knowledge of principles needed and used for GPS and GIS.
Knowledge of principles and experience using survey equipment, laser distance meter, and clinometers
Ability to hike and walk in streams on slippery rocks and over rough terrain, up & down steep cut slopes.
Personal equipment that will be needed includes hip boots, rain gear, and bright orange or reflective survey vest.
When in the field, bring your own sack lunch and water or other fluids for the day.
Plan on 7 hour field days. We can meet at a park-n-ride lot that is close to where we will be working. (,No need to come into
the courthouse before or after that way.)
Work expected to take place 6-8 days per month (Monday thru Friday) through June 2013. The plan is to start on east edge
of WRIA 18, then work in WRIA 17 West
Field data is being entered into a data collector & also on “Write in the Rain” paper so must be able to take neat and legible
notes in the field which can be read by others.
Must be detail-oriented and able to follow directions and work well with other members of the team, as well as landowners
and others encountered during the project.
If you want an adventure in learning more about which culverts limit fish passage, then this challenging project
lead by the North Olympic Lead Entity for Salmon’s Eric Carlsen may be for you.

For more information, please e-mail Eric at or call him at 360/417-2324.

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