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Are you looking to volunteer, but not in all that pesky cold and rain? We’ve got a project for you!

A friend of NOSC, who lives on Kilisut Harbor, has been collecting information on daily bird usage in that area for 30 years. This is so valuable because records of the diversity of species utilizing a specific habitat lead to a broader understanding of ecosystem functions and species interactions.We have recently contacted researchers who are interested in using this incredible data set. The only problem is that the data are all currently in hard copy, which is not very user-friendly for number crunching.  

The task is to scan the hard copy sheets to digital, and once they are scanned get them entered into an excel spreadsheet. NOSC will connect volunteers will all resources required to scan and enter data. This is a larger project, and working with two people (one reading, one entering) at a time will likely be the most efficient way to do it. Once we have the digital copy we will deliver the file to the bird researchers!

To join our crew of data entry volunteers, please contact Emily at or call the office at 360-379-8051.

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  1. This sounds like an interesting project. I may be interested in taking on a project like this. I would be happy to discuss the details of this project with someone.

    Rick Fletcher, CDR, NOAA ret

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