Over 70 Volunteers Show Up to Plant Maynard Beach!

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Dune grass colonies act as natural barriers against winter storms and waves, protecting beaches by lowering the impact of erosion? By providing this “line of defense” as well as great nesting and feeding habitat, dune grass also plays a significant role in the protection of many organisms that utilize the nearshore environment.

On Saturday, November 8th, our Discovery Bay Restoration site was planted with Dune Grass by over 70 volunteers! The dune grass plugs may be short in stature, but there’s nothing small about the number we planted at the event: 5,000!

The event also included a NOSC-led site tour by project manager, Kevin Long, of the newly completed restoration site.  

Maynard Beach is an open, public beach for everyone to enjoy, so grab your family and friends and check out the incredible work done by NOSC volunteers! Click here for a Google map link to the parking location. NOTE: Parking is very limited.

Maynard Planting


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