Volunteers, WCC crew complete big projects at the nursery

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The trees and shrubs residing at our nursery are happily soaking up sun rays and sprinkler water these days thanks to the amazing work of many volunteers and the WCC crew. June was Nursery Month at NOSC, and people of all ages took time off from the beach to offer their help at one or more of our five work parties. Completed projects include:

DSCN2146– A new weed barrier to prevent the spread of weeds

– A pallet system for container pots to increase air flow and inhibit the spread of weeds

– A new fence and gate to deter deer and other critters from browsing plants

                                                     – An updated map of the nursery plot

First and foremost, a huge THANK YOU is due to Jean Erreca, volunteer Irrigation Specialist, for his dedicated work this spring and in years past. Each year, Jean devotes hours of his time to maintaining the irrigation system and advising on issues and improvements at the nursery–including essential training for the AmeriCorps intern! I would also like to thank the following individuals for their part in Nursery Month:DSCN0182

  • Elisabet Skyhawk, John and Normandie Anderson, and Chimacum Pi, for weeding, laying the new weed barrier, and installing the pallet system!
  • Robbie Holt, Rick Humphrey, Elijah Roulst, and Owen French of the Port Hadlock WCC crew for mowing reed canary grass and constructing the fence!
  • Chimacum Pi students Rian Plastow, for her work creating a new map of the nursery plot, and Jesse Nichol, for building the custom gate and a super-secret, yet-to-be-reveled addition to the nursery. It’s going to the cherry on top of this season’s nursery celebration!
Are you a nursery expert or simply crazy about native plants and salmon? Get involved by becoming a NOSC volunteer! Visit our Volunteer Page or contact Larry, intern@nosc.org
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  1. Jac Entringer says:

    This looks AMAZING!!! Great work Larry, Jean, WCC, Pi and the rest of NOSC’s beautiful volunteers.

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