Help Install Restoration Interpretive Signs on the ODT!

In 2015, NOSC completed a project on Discovery Bay that restored 11 acres of salt marsh and tidal channels along the banks of Snow Creek mouth.  NOSC is currently seeking volunteers to help place interpretive signs about our Discovery Bay Restoration into the ground. This event is right around the corner on, December 17th. We will be working to dig holes, level the signs, mix/pore in concrete, and stabilize the signs.
We are also asking if you have a wheel barrow or shovels that you do not mind concrete being mixed with, to please bring them, as well as posthole diggers that you wouldn’t mind sharing for the afternoon.
We will be working along the Olympic Discovery Trail off of Discovery Bay.
We will begin at 10 am we are hoping to be done by 2 pm, but will stay until the last sign is in the ground.  If you are only able to help for a couple hours that is still greatly appreciated.
If you plan to attend this volunteer event, please click here to RSVP and receive further details.
Please contact or (360) 379-8051 with questions or interest.