Monitoring is critical to successful restoration. Pre-project monitoring helps us understand habitat needs and post-project monitoring helps us measure our effectiveness. Data collected can also help us design and prioritize future projects.

To see our monitoring reports, please visit our Resources page.

Volunteers help us with nearly all of our project monitoring tasks. Here are some examples:


Salmon Spawner Surveys

NOSC volunteers and staff gather data on the number of spawning ESA-listed Hood Canal Summer Chum returning to Chimacum Creek every fall and in the winter months, we head back out the creek to count coho and mark their redds. This information is delivered to Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife and is used to calculate overall fish returns, sport and commercial fish openings and catch quotas. It can also provide us with valuable data that can be used to gauge the success of habitat restoration.

Fish Trapping

Trained volunteers and staff help manage the fish trap for adult salmon on Salmon and Snow Creeks in Discovery Bay with Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife staff. The data collected from this monitoring project will help WDFW to calculate returning chum spawning numbers and measure the success of past supplementation programs.

Watch this video by volunteer Tod Spedding to see the whole process!

Fyke Netting and Ocular Surveys

NOSC performs these surveys to determine what species of fish are utilizing our restored estuaries, we set fyke nets across estuary channels at high tide once a month during the juvenile salmon out-migrating season (February-May).

Vegetation Surveys

NOSC surveys both salt marsh and riparian vegetation recruitment at their restoration sites with the assistance of trained botanists. This provides NOSC with valuable information about the status of vegetation communities in restored areas as well as the success of past plantings. These areĀ  performed in the summer months.



Volunteer Opportunities

If you would like to volunteer with our monitoring activities, please contact or complete and submit our Volunteer Application. We could use your help!