Private landowners can make a big difference in improving the health of our watershed and bringing back salmon to our waters. By partnering with groups like NOSC to perform restoration projects on their land, they can improve the ecological and resale value of their land as well as contribute to building a healthier watershed.

New guide available for marine waterfront landowners!

If you or anyone you know is interested in learning more about restoration possibilities on your land, please give NOSC a call: (360) 379-8051 or email

Habitat improvements might include riparian tree planting, fish passage barrier removal, gravel nourishment, livestock fencing, re-meandering channelized streams, or strategic placement of large woody debris. It is entirely up to the landowner what kind of restoration is performed, if any. As a non-regulatory community organization, NOSC is interested only in sharing possibilities and resources with interested and willing landowners.

Along with landowners, community and neighborhood groups are invited to adopt restoration project sites and become active stewards of their riparian community.

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