Community Stewardship, Collaborative Restoration


The North Olympic Salmon Coalition (NOSC) is a community-based non-profit organization that works with willing landowners and volunteers to perform salmon habitat restoration on the North Olympic Peninsula. NOSC is one of fourteen Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups in Washington State dedicated to salmon recovery.

Our Mission

The North Olympic Salmon Coalition works to promote robust wild salmon stocks for families, fishers, and local economies by furthering habitat restoration and education on the North Olympic Peninsula.

Regional Fisheries Enhancement Groups (RFEG)

In 1990, the Washington State Legislature created the Regional Fisheries Enhancement Group Program to involve local communities, citizen volunteers, and landowners in the state’s salmon recovery efforts. The RFEG program makes a special contribution to Washington’s salmon recovery efforts by:

  • Leveraging local and private money;
  • Promoting stewardship through volunteer involvement;
  • Working cooperatively with diverse interest groups;
  • Providing the framework that allows citizens to participate in salmon recovery; and
  • Building on the success of its history.

Partial funding for the RFEG Program comes from a portion of commercial and recreational fishing license fees, administered by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW). The RFEGs also obtain individual grants from government and private entities. Individual donations and in-kind contributions from local community members and businesses are also essential to the success of each RFEG.


  • $1 of each anadromous license sold by WDFW
  • $100 of each commercial salmon license
  • Percent of excess Roe and Carcass sales from state run hatcheries


  • US Fish and Wildlife Service pass through grant

On average only 8 cents of every dollar RFEGs use goes toward administrative costs. That means that 92% of all money received goes toward on the ground salmon recovery efforts.